Monday, May 9, 2011

well now…

So clearly I am back to blogging, but am not blogging regularly. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I hate blogs that do a post a day, and the post sucks. I don’t need to read your daily schedule, I have my own. BUT without just posting my schedule I don’t have much to talk about.

Sometimes in our house during “odd” moments, I have this thought in my head “This IS homeschool” and I have the thought during midnight readings, funny events, science projects on the sidewalk. All sorts of various times. Last night it happened when after dinner Bear and I looked at a pop-up book called “A Knight’s City.” (linked so you can see it, but please shop around, I got ours for $5 at a store called 5below)

After looking at the book together, and having already spent our dinnertime discussing inventions, and how things change over time, plus watching “Donkey X” (a story of Don Quixote) for a family movie, Bear was pretty wrapped up in knights. He got on his bigwheel, which he is allowed to ride in the house, grabbed a play sword from a LARP we do, and proceeded to spend his last bit of playtime jousting! He decided that it is was to bad Knight’s didn’t have big wheels, because his is SO fast, it would be faster to get places than on a horse. Also despite the lack of an opponent, he claims he won! And I watched joyfully, as he practiced history (instead of reading it out of a boring textbook) and I just thought “This IS homeschool.”

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