Thursday, June 2, 2011

Abnormal Part 2

So in Part 1 I talked about Blu and his issues, (which just FYI we have scheduled his ADHD, SPD, etc etc Pediatrician visit for next week) today I’m going to talk about food, lifestyle, and maybe Attached Parenting, if the post isn’t to long by then. Let me say in advance, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. I’ve deleted multiple paragraphs because I thought they sounded judgmental, or just didn’t blend together well.  I’m finding that it’s hard to describe our life without sounding as though I disagree with others. To be frank, your life is yours, and I don’t care a bit what you do. I care about what I do for my family, and for me.

We live in a townhouse, easily a “pre-fab box development” in the suburbs. Now it just so happened then when we bought our house it turned out to be quite the uppity area. We had no idea, we had just looked at over a 100 houses and decided to finally put in an offer on the next one that had the features we wanted (a separate space for an art studio, and 3 bedrooms.) We didn’t notice it much until Blu was born, and then we discovered the other Moms, and things like bragging about buying a single KIDS outfit for $80 because the amazing sale! I kid you not, we once went to a play group to discover the family had a movie theater in the basement. One local moms club seemed to have a running thing of buying a new outfit and toy for each meeting. Anytime a snack was required pre-packed items showed up by the barrel full, although some people did in fact bring prepackaged fruit or veggie trays.  We tried multiple groups and had some issues being accepted. I’ve tried to join the local Holistic Moms group, but it seems to be very exclusive.

Blu played Tee-Ball this year.  Each day a different mom brought snack. EVERY time the other moms brought individual packs of  cookies or such. Teddy Grahams appeared a few times, as did a variety of Chips Ahoy. Oh the comments I got when on my turn I made vegan cupcakes, decorated to look like baseballs, and entirely homemade. One day I said “I’m going to sign up for snack just to bring veggies!” I thought the other kids might barf, Blu cheered and gave me a high-five!

Why is all of that an issue? Well we don’t watch much TV, we live on a tight budget, we eat healthy foods, and apparently live a very abnormal life. At least by the standards of most locals.

On Food:

We don’t eat high fructose corn syrup, excessive preservatives, sugar where it need not be, or weird chemicals. Blu and I don’t eat dairy, and I don’t eat meat (including not eat fish, seafood, etc.) Nick doesn’t eat a lot of meat, most of our meals are vegetarian, but he’s known to heat up a few chicken strips or grill something. I make almost everything we eat, for two reasons, health and price. When there is HFCS in things as simple as bread, I’d rather take the time to let my mixer whip up some dough. Plus it’s expensive to live here, and I can’t afford that prepackaged junk!

Blu loves his veggies and fruits. His favorite food is salad, though it may be tied with bread and vegan butter. He’s also not spoiled. Once Blu had a real dollar and decided to very best thing in the world to buy would be his own personal cantaloupe.

On TV:

Blu watches an hour of TV a day if he’s lucky. Occasionally on weekends we will watch a family movie, sometimes he gets the rare treat of watching a movie at bedtime, and usually in the afternoon he gets some time to decompress and watch tv while he works out with Nick. Blu has no idea what Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Diego, or any other mainstream show is. In fact he was calling some Diego stuff he got as a gift “Mondo” and we had quite the talk in the grocery store about who the Sesame Street characters on the juice were. He knows Cars characters, and some of the Toy Story people, and he LOVES Busy Town. We also scrounged up old episodes of the Berenstain Bears show, because those are his favorite books.  The only reason Blu gets TV in the afternoon is because it’s tough being him, and he needs the down time.  I sometimes go days on end without any TV at all. Often Nick and I watch TV at bedtime, shows we like to watch together, but I don’t miss it if we don’t. I probably wouldn’t care if we just didn’t have a TV at all, or had just a small one for the occasional movie.

I often wonder how it got to a point that eating real food is strange, and reading instead of TV is abnormal.

Have I mentioned that on top of everything else we are attached parents? Or that we unschool? Stay tuned for Part 3, where I discuss what this means for us. I talk about the size of our beds, how we learn, not spanking (and what we do instead) and maybe even Blu’s birth center unmedicated birth!

In the meantime I’d love your input on today’s thoughts. Have you ever had a problem fitting in with a group of moms? I hear it’s nearly an epidemic!

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