Thursday, June 16, 2011

I’m not Supermom

With my Abnormal Series, I got a lot of comments. (Thanks for those by the way) all of them said supportive things, but some had a self-loathing bent behind it. “I’m way to tired to do that stuff.” “I’m to busy to make our own bread.” etc etc. So I wanted to say:

I’m NOT supermom!

In fact it took me so long to write this post as reply because I had food poisoning then was completely lazy long after it was medically necessary. Sure I bake bread, sometimes, this year I canned our own pickles, I make awesome cupcakes (sorry but I just can’t be humble on that one) and I do a lot of other stuff, homeschooling, making crafts, cloth diapered Blu, made all of our own baby food, etc etc. But you know what, I’m exhausted most of the time. My biggest weakness is coffee, and without it I probably couldn’t pull through most days.

And I don’t do everything! Sometimes Blu’s hair washing bath gets put off so long he’s getting dreadlocks. Our home is a disaster area. My husband vacuums, and does the dishes. I’m NOT supermom. I let a LOT of things slide. Some times I need some peace and quiet so badly that I realize I spent all day saying “in a minute” or “maybe later” and now it’s bedtime.

When I do have time to actually do non-mom things, I’m far more likely to read a book then to organize my closet (which REALLY needs it.)

My theory is to do the things I care about most, and try to overlook the ones I don’t. Surely you’ve heard the “it won’t matter a hundred years from” quote, about the house not mattering, the possessions not mattering, but “I was important in the life of a child.” And I live by that, maybe to much, who knows.

But I know one thing, I’m not supermom. I don’t think anyone is.

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