Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What We’ve Been Reading

I know a lot of blogs do this, but that’s not why I’m doing it. I want a nice easy reference to some of our favorite books, in a method that doesn’t send me scrambling through stacks of index cards or flipping through notebooks.  I don’t intend to do it on any regular schedule, but just when I notice there are some obvious favorites.

Please note I AM an Amazon Affiliate, and will get a tiny sum of money if you purchase by following these links, but let me assure you that the money is just going to buy more books that you’ll probably see here one day. It’s a vicious bibliophile circle.  I get literally pennies on the dollar, so you’re not supplying me with a mansion or anything. :)

Here’s the books Blu has been devouring lately:

When a Good Knight encounters 3 dragons that need help at bedtime, what is he to do but read to them, sing to them, and get them water?

A very funny way to capture an elephant. Using 3 cakes, 2 raisins, a telescope and a pair of tweezers.

What happens when the Town of Left, and the Town of Right has someone fall on the dividing line, and the only ammunition to be had is marshmallows? This story has a cute basic storyline for younger kids, and a slightly older bunch will enjoy the funny comments and signs spread throughout.

A very simple story but childlike jokes are spread throughout.

A classic by Roald Dahl, George has a horrible, mean, cranky Grandma and decides to make a medicine that will do something, anything, crazy to her. And some crazy stuff DOES happen. You may need to have a talk about the dangers of mixing chemicals though, as George walks through his house putting EVERYTHING into a big pot.

Every Monday Professor Bumble takes his fish swimming in the lake, but this time something happens!

Blu has been interested in rhyming words, but has a hard time getting it. When I saw this book I HAD to try it. Each page has two flaps to lift turning one picture and word into a rhyming item. Lift the flaps on hat to change the H to a C, and the hat to a cat. Superb!

It’s not a book but, I wanted to share this. After seeing a friend’s son with one I thought this would be the perfect chewy for Blu, and it is! We have two, and will be ordering more to have them all over the house where he needs one.


And for the Grownups, I recently devoured this:

A true murder, retold with up to date info. It was AMAZING.  I couldn’t put it down.

And I can’t put down these two fun books:


If you’ve read any of these books I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Please share book suggestions as well!

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