Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Magic of Beanbags

July2011 136 This may look like an ordinary stack of a few bean bags, but for us they are oh so much more.

It all started a few days ago when I noticed that while at a friends house Blu kept holding their meditation eye bags, and I said I simply HAD to make him some beanbags. Then Sunday Blu was having a melt down, one of those “I’m not sure what’s wrong, but something is bugging me” kind that is nearly impossible to solve. Always fast on my feet (ha!) I said “Hey want to make some bean bags??!” and it got him over the hump. First, we had tons of run cutting and tearing stash fabrics into all sorts of squares and rectangles, then in no time at all I had to first one done. Interestingly enough I had a big bag of rice stashed near my craft table, from when I made everyone heat packs for Christmas. The first one held his interest long enough for me to make another, and another, and in one quick sitting we had 5 beanbags.

In the time sense we have used them in TONS of ways, some standard, some sensory, and some for tiring Blu out. Here’s some of the ways they’ve served us:

Blu puts one, or more, on his head, then walks with them there. It makes him slow down and focus, instead of tearing through the house full speed.

He picks as many as he wants to lay with at night, usually picking one I filled with lavender plus one or two others. He lays them on top of him, and despite only weighing a few pounds they act like a lead blanket for him. He stops the kicking, wiggling, flailing, and such that he does to get comfortable, (waking himself up again constantly) and actually just lays there to read together.

When there was a storm and tiring outside play was impossible we had a fun bean bag battle. Running, wrestling, throwing, good tiresome fun.

He throws them, which uses a variety of motor skills.

Since I paid extra attention to the seams he sometimes chews on them. Which means I’m not racing after a chewy.

When he obviously needs  a minute to collect himself, it’s amazing how easy it is to find a beanbag to make him carry upstairs to his room. Carrying items up and down stairs is a tip I read online for sensory processing.

He stacked them up to build walls for his super heroes to climb.

I have thrown one near him to catch his attention, and help him focus on me.

He likes to take a minute and just sit and smell his lavender bag. I intend to make more smelly ones, lemon, mint, and so forth using essential oils.

And I know I’m forgetting quite a few things we’ve done already. I had written this post on the phone app I mentioned, listing over a dozen uses, and it erased my post. Now this is all I can remember. Annoying, right?

Do you use bean bags for anything with your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas!

(And by the way, that phone app is uninstalled…)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Among the Chaos

That is my own ADD brain, and the day to day of my life, one thought crosses my mind EVERY day. At some point between waking and going to sleep I will ponder this one thought:

If I spent as much time trying to get it together as I do wishing I had it together, I probably would actually have it together.

If instead of viewing beautiful stuff on Pinterest I made beautiful stuff where would that leave me? If I spent time trying to make myself feel better so I had energy to play with Blu wouldn't that be better then being grumpy because I have no energy? I contemplate this series of ideas for as long as my time will allow, sometimes a split second, rarely a whole half hour, usually around 5 minutes.

Then one other thing crosses my mind:
Is it that I'm afraid I can try and still fail??

Monday, July 18, 2011


So I had a fancy post with some thought, and a pictures, and explanations for why I haven't posted (but I didn't beg forgiveness for it, it's my blog and I will write when I want to!) but my phone ate it.


Because this is a test of the phone app I got to post from it instead of my desktop pc, which hopefully means I will post more.  So I'm trying again, and hitting post right....... Now!

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