Thursday, July 21, 2011

Among the Chaos

That is my own ADD brain, and the day to day of my life, one thought crosses my mind EVERY day. At some point between waking and going to sleep I will ponder this one thought:

If I spent as much time trying to get it together as I do wishing I had it together, I probably would actually have it together.

If instead of viewing beautiful stuff on Pinterest I made beautiful stuff where would that leave me? If I spent time trying to make myself feel better so I had energy to play with Blu wouldn't that be better then being grumpy because I have no energy? I contemplate this series of ideas for as long as my time will allow, sometimes a split second, rarely a whole half hour, usually around 5 minutes.

Then one other thing crosses my mind:
Is it that I'm afraid I can try and still fail??

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