Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And then the Reality

As fun as it was to keep a day in the life post, today is off to a much more accurate start. Blu woke up okay, when we started talking about our day he started to melt down. He doesn’t want to go to OT, and he’s trying anything he can to stay home. But the problem with OT is that not only does he need it, he especially needs it on days like today, and if he DID need a break their policies are similar to a Doctor. If I cancel last minute, I pay anyway. He’s crying, he’s inventing monsters. He’s taking 30 minutes to get dressed. I bribed him with breakfast from somewhere, he picked a muffin from 7-11, but has since decided he’d rather fight than get ready to go get said muffin. He’s making up things to be upset about. Wasting time by talking about his friend’s love of small spoons. He’s spending 5 minutes just to snap his pants (which he has to have help with anyway)

We’re supposed to go to the craft store after the OT, and he’s upset by that. He’s supposed to get his hair done and he’s upset by that. His clothes are hurting him. He’s upset that his friend likes small plastic spoons. Next time he has one he’ll give it to her. No, wait, next time he has one he’s going to show it to her then throw it away to be mean. We’ve been awake for less than an hour, and he’s pulled out all the stops already.

And THAT is a usual time in my life. Yesterday was fun, but today is accurate. Which means I won’t be blogging again today. I’ll be fixing meltdowns.

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