Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Before & After

While Vacation pictures are on their way here first I wanted to talk about life, some more, because that’s apparently all I do here. Right now my life is in an unexpected timeline of before OT and after OT.

OT is making changes in Blu already. Some good, some weird. For example he now will play in the other room by himself when we’re home! He’s also much more mellow on OT days. On OT days he’s also much more unpredictable. He’s done everything from freaking out about not eating lunch with friends, to just laying on the couch for an hour. And he now is so sensory seeking with food that he seems to lack taste buds. He now drinks pickle juice with a straw, only uses spicy extra whitening grown up toothpaste, can eat chili with not one but two chipotle peppers in it, and has had frozen orange juice concentrate for breakfast. I asked one of his OTs and she said usually some behavior change is normal, as they get what they need in one area they may sensory seek more somewhere else. So it’s all normal in the OT world, just not normal in the regular world.

So besides  changes in Blu since OT before we had a lot of downtime and now our schedule is crazy! Let me give you a run down:

Mondays: Every other Monday we study the human body with some homeschool friends, on the alternate Monday we run errands, have playdates, or do stuff we can’t fit in elsewhere

Tuesdays: OT in the “morning”, To most people his 11:50 appointment is lunchtime, but we wake up, get dressed, eat, and hit the road. 

Wednesday: Craft Class smack in the middle of the day. And almost 30 minutes away

Thursday: OT again in the “morning” Then we eat lunch in the car as we drive to his Speech Group

Fridays: OT in the morning, and we used to have a Fine Art class afterwards, but for now we’re out of it until things simmer down.

My friend has gotten me hooked on Costco, and I shop with her membership, so lately once every week or two weeks I manage to fit in Costco after a morning class, and before her older two get home from school.

Since OT days are unpredictable I don’t plan much else on those days, including any school or housework. Luckily for us he’s not actually in kindergarten yet. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we wake up, get dressed, eat, and leave. Usually with fitting in errands, we get home at 3 or 4. Usually I pack him a simple Laptop Lunch, and I either pack a little something for myself, don’t eat, or a few times we’ve eaten out. The problem with eating out is that I don’t eat meat, so a stop of McDonalds (ugh I hate going there) offers me nothing but pesticide laden french fries. Usually I grab pizza when I’m at Costco, where a GIANT cheese pizza is $10. But then I’m cheating and eating cheese, and I always regret it, no matter how good it tastes.

As much as I HATE fast food, Blu has become obsessed with chicken nuggets and french fries as a reward. Since Blu is such a good healthy eater I don’t mind using junk food as a reward occasionally.  We were using a Family Store system, and technically still do a little bit, but he’d pick random junk and beg for it to be in the store. All that was happening was tons of new collections, tons of junk toys, and tons of stuff he immediately lost interest in. But when he earns to family money, how do I tell him what to buy? But that’s a whole ‘nother topic.

Our life is so crazy that this week I ordered our groceries for delivery. Even when I was pregnant with Blu and so sick I threw up water I didn’t order groceries. Even when I was toting around a non-sleeping, 24/7 screaming baby Blu, I didn’t order our groceries. Even when I severely sprained my ankle and was laid up for ages I didn’t order our groceries! But OT has made me start ordering my groceries. Although, I’m not sure I’m always do it, but it helped this week for sure. Last Thursday night the nightly talk with the hubby included me saying “If our schedule like this lasted longer than a few weeks, I’m going to have a breakdown.” and I wasn’t kidding. By Thursday night I am SPENT.

But I feel relief in knowing that OT will go down to once a week eventually, and Craft Class is going away after this session (I’m going to do it at home, and Blu gets to invite one friend for crafts and play.) Now if I could stop organizing and planning like crazy for when craft class is at home, and instead take some down time to schedule or plan anything else.


But all the crazy time is worth looking at my sweet smiling boy.  And speaking of the crazy, my friend just text me, “Costco Today?” But don’t you just love Costco? And don’t I need to do something fun, even if it’s just shopping in a warehouse?

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