Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Staycation

Finally, I have some time to post vacation pictures! With the crazy schedule and spending time on the weekends I’ve not even been able to see all of our vacation pictures. I do have more than this, because I also use a Polaroid camera, and took pictures with that, Those will come one day when I post those separately.

On the first day of our Vacation we went to the Science Center at the Inner Harbor, a nice day trip for us. And yes, there is a picture of Blu shaping letters out of fake human bones. We also dug for dinosaur fossils, made dinosaur footprints, played with water, did fun hands on building, saw what noise does to water. The splashing water in a tube, was my favorite! You controlled volume and frequency of a horn type noisemaker to see how it made the water in the pipe move. Blu even played pulley Tug o’ war against Daddy, and with my help, won!

Then we puttered around the Harbor a bit. Watching boats, decompressing, did a speck of shopping. I found a candy store with 6 pound Gummy Bears!! Also a 5 pound box of regular gummy bears. But instead of that I got a pack of giant Twizzlers.

Then we went to the Aquarium. Which I wasn’t in love with. I’ve been to better aquariums before. But that said we had fun. Some friends met us there and we made a good night of it.

Then we had to eat right? We found a restaurant called “Blu Bambu” !!! And we ate there. Here’s Blu pointing to his name on the menu.


When we got home the boys were exhausted. Nick and Blu literally crashed into the bed and were asleep. I puttered around a bit because that’s what I do.


On the second day we went to our Larp group and played, and went to a favorite pizza place for dinner. Apparently I didn’t get any pictures of it. Weird.

Then for day 3 we went to the beach! Not just any beach, a local fossil hunting beach. I found 11 sharks teeth of various sizes. Including one I literally grabbed right out of the sand! I think Nick found 1, our friends went with us again and found a lot, and the kids, well they just ran, and swam, and threw sand, and acted like maniacs. It was a great day. You’ll see a lot of Blu’s favorite person, our friend Alex. Their clothes even match. Alex knows how to do all the Dad things that Nick doesn’t. It works our really well, and Blu just adores him. Other than that I’ve left most of the picture of our friends out of the blog.

We topped off the weekend on Monday by  going to a few local stores just for fun, got some ice cream for lunch, and other fun stuff we never do.

And here is our happy faces after the beach, the only family photo of our whole vacation.


I think we all agreed that in this case the Staycation was better than any vacation we could have put together.  Have you ever been on a Staycation? What do you do?


(For this post I’m using the “photo gallery” option available through my Windows program. If it doesn’t work then I’ll be fixing it later. )

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