Thursday, October 6, 2011

What’s with Today, Today?


First, bonus points to who can tell me where the title of this post is a quote from.

Second, on to the actual post:

The last two nights Blu has actually slept through the night! That has happened before, but it’s very irregular, and still a VERY big deal when it happens. The downside is that apparently when Blu sleeps through the night he wakes up early. Normal time by most peoples standard, but very early for us. Blu has been waking up at 6:30, awake enough, but so tired he just cries about EVERYTHING. He evens makes up stuff just to cry about it. Frankly, I think I’d rather him just wake up all night. waking up early to whining and crying, well I apparently have no tolerance for it. Anyone who knows me can tell you I have no tolerance for waking up early anyway.

Today he woke up crying that he didn’t want to go to the fun place, his name for OT, he cried because he wishes Daddy didn’t have to work. He says “Why don’t I just break our house!” Then cries and says “But now our house is broken!” Blu is a nonsensical sort early in the morning. BUT we DID go to OT, and he got over the fact that Daddy is at work.

At OT today, his first regular session, he did GREAT! The OT and I let him be in total control, though I suggested things for him to try. She said usually kids do one particular thing, a ramp, the entire time of their first visit. Then they eventually have a routine by adding a new activity each time. Well Blu did multiple activities, including ones I can’t believe he did. He did the zip line repeatedly!! I was in shock. He swung, spun, zip lined, jumped, crashed, and more.

Then, the scary part came. we had to leave OT and drive straight to his speech group. Including eating lunch in the car. I knew we’d be late for speech. Blu HATES to be late, it will result in a meltdown every time. Usually if we’re late we end up just not going. But today, he did it! We got to school, went down the big indoor stairwell, and went to class, late. He was both late, AND did the stairwell with no issues! Usually indoor stairwells are a BIG ordeal. He was concerned he’d miss getting to sing “Hello,” but he didn’t.

I try very very hard to only book one thing a day for Blu. We never have two appointments in a day, because it’s usually just to much for him. But he did SO well.

AND, as if the day wasn’t great enough already he has a new speech teacher. Who actually is going to work with Blu’s speech in a way I like. I am pacified for now with his speech class, and didn’t even have to fight for it. She sat with him during the art project and helped him say the right sounds for “f” and “g” which are his main problem letters. She’s going to start taking him aside for about 15 minutes of every class to work with him one on one.

And tomorrow we start our “staycation.” We’ll spend our weekend at a science center, aquarium, beach, fall festival, and some other fun stuff we hope to cram in there. So my rather pictureless blog will become very picture filled soon. I argued my case and got a surprise laptop, so now I can post on my blog regularly. In fact once Blu splits away from me for OT and speech, I can actually type while he’s in class. Wouldn’t that be crazy?!?!?!

Hopefully this amazing day is a sign of what’s to come, and my blog will stop being a depressing tale of woe and SPD. Or maybe I should change the blog title to just that Welcome to “Woe and SPD” After all, laughter is the best medicine. Speaking of which, do you have any? Laughter that is. I could use more of that kind of medicine in the comments below.

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