Thursday, November 3, 2011

It’s Happened, Well before I was Ready

I am a car seat stickler. When Blu was born I got Britax, and swore to never use anything else. His carseat would suit him up to about age 6. It would expire (Yes, carseats expire, and it’s important! Check your seat if you are not sure it’s good!) and he’d outgrow it all at once. Then move to a booster, OR even better the Britax they used to offer that goes up to 85 pounds.

I’ve been known, more than once, to spend 20 minutes installing Blu’s carseat in another car so we could ride with someone. I’ve taken it on trips to install and use. While his slightly younger and mildly smaller cousin already used a backless booster in Grandma and Pappys car, I would install his big Britax with the 5 point harness. I didn’t care if it made us late to places and my Mom complained. He was using that seat.

Originally our plan was to have him rear facing until he was 2, he outgrew the seats rear facing ability at 18 months. I cried and turned him forward. That should have been a sign.

At 4.5 he has maxed out the height on his carseat. Completely unexpected. I truly figured it out in the middle of the night Monday. I shopped around, and was disappointed to see that Britaxs new big kid seat isn’t as great (in my opinion) as the old one. I also didn’t want to have him in a seat that is to small, and therefore not safe, while we saved up the $200+ to buy it. And so, at 50” and 53 pounds, 4.5 year old Blu has gotten a “big boy” booster.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a bit. And I’m crazy nervous. He sat it in yesterday and I took his picture, but today will be the first day ever that he rides in a booster seat. Some of you may think I’m crazy. Frankly, I don’t care. Careseats are a big deal to me. I don’t care if Blu is the size of a 7 year old. I am SO not ready for this.

Driving today for me will be just like how Nick felt driving us home the day he was born. There is no such thing as to careful.

And did you know, the carseat, a Graco Turbo Booster, comes unassembled!! While my neighbor helped me put it together I screamed “This is insane! A carseat should be solid! Preassembled!!!! This pieces bit if freaking me out!”

To which, she calmly said “It’s not a carseat it’s a booster.”

And indeed it is. Indeed it is.

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