Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Home Library

We have a rather generous amount of books. Seriously as many as a small library probably, and Blu has officially clued into that fact. Tonight while at the table in the dining room I turn to look at him and he is standing on a step ladder, with a rope tied to the ladder and around his waist, pulling books (one at a time) off a higher shelf. He says “Isn’t this such a good idea? A rope incase I fall!” So smart and funny. Then he spent quite a bit of time using the ladder to pull a book, sit on the top (it wasn’t a standard ladder shape, the top is like a step with a raised up handle) and flip through the book.

But the real library part came in when he said:

“You can take a laptop to the library, and you can read books or magazines. But you have to be quiet in the library. And Daddy! No video games in the Library!! (Nick had pulled out his PSP since we were all just hanging out) You HAVE to turn that off right now! I will count to 3, and when I get to 3 you will have it turned off or you will be kicked out of the library! Playing games is not allowed. You’ll have to get a laptop, book, or magazine, or look things up on the library computer!”

Ha! The whole experience was just one of those lovely reminders of how much I love that spectacular little boy. And I wanted to share.  Although I admit the downside, the higher shelf he was reaching was my vintage and antique books that I tried to purposely put out of his reach!!

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