Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Freezer Cooking- The Early Stage

My friend and I have both admitted to being VERY unhappy in our recent style of eating. To much junk, eating out to much, cheating and eating dairy to much, etc. So we decided to do a bulk cooking session together. It goes by a lot of different names, freezer cooking, once a month cooking (OAMC,) bulk cooking. I’ve been referring to it in my own head as freezer cooking, because we’ll still be cooking more than once a month, and we’re not really making what I’d consider a bulk of anything. Our plan is to make 2 each of various entrees, in what I call “ingredient style.” 1-2 dishes ready to go, and about 10 extras, plus hopefully 5 sides.

Ingredient style means we’ll be going part of the cooking, assemble it in freezer bags, and then freeze those parts until cooking day. For example the filling of tater tot casserole, taped to a bag of tater tots. Or a baggie of taco filling with a bag of shredded cheese, maybe even a bag of mexican rice, hooked to it. So we’ll still be cooking and assembling those meals on the day we cook them.

Our ready to go meals will be things like lasagna, just thaw and toss in the oven, or even just toss them in the oven. BAM dinner, ready to go.

Then we’ll have extras, little bits just to make days easy. Things like breakfast burritos, frozen waffles, premade spaghetti sauce, etc.

I’m SUPER excited! We’ll be cooking next week. We’re going to see how these meals work, how long they last us, and then get into a routine of regular cooking days, Stay tuned to see how it comes out.

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