Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Long, So Far

Why hello! Haven’t seen you for awhile. My fault I know. It’s been SO LONG since I’ve on the way to Great Wolf Lodgewritten. I won’t made piddly excuses or tell some story about why. I just haven’t. In the meantime I feel our life has changed so much. Blu has come SO FAR since my last few posts. We really hit a wall for awhile that I felt like it would never be over, we’d never progress. We were stuck in a lot of ruts, how we ate, what we did, how we shopped, and there lingering in front was a behavioral wall that seemed to have no end.
We’ve been in a weird spot since Blu started OT. Our life was busy. I dropped multiple activities, and our live became a system of day to day. OT this day, rest that day, shop these days. I got stuck in a rut with how I dressed, always prepared to do something at OT so that he would try it, always prepared to drag him struggling from a store without being disrobed in the process. I was stuck in jeans and tees. Not that anything is wrong with that, but it isn’t me, isn’t how I dress, isn’t how I live. We got stuck eating easy foods, fast cooking foods, eating out a lot. We got stuck buying the same WP_000272groceries, mostly snacks and food with little prep required. We were cheating and eating a lot of cheese. Then I was suffering the consequences, thyroid issues. It was a horrible cycle of bad eating because we were busy and felt bad and feeling bad because we were eating poorly.
We had to make a conscience decision to eat better. I started eating an avocado a day to help my thyroid. We started eating lots of fresh produce, stopped eating dairy again, and stopped buying junk food. It’s working, I feel GOOD. We all do.
Then because I feel good our daily lives started changing. I’ve been able to interact more with Blu. We’ve gone for walks. We’re scheduling “field trips.” We’re having fantastic days. Sure, we have our bad days, but I’m really happy with our life right now.
Blu is like a different kid. We went to Great Wolf Lodge, and had tons of fun, and he V__4A01WENT IN THE WATER! True story. Then I took him to the county pool and he did it again!
We went on a vacation to South Carolina where my parents are, and he went fishing without me, with my Dad for two hours!! I had no idea what to do with myself! He caught four fish, and apparently many got away.
Things are going great! So stay tuned, I’ll start sharing some recipes, some unschool days, some day trips, and we’re even going to MAKE a bed!

(The top picture is Blu in his resort wear, heading to Great Wolf.) 

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