Thursday, August 23, 2012

A quote, a house, a birthday, a mouse…

Okay, you got me, there isn’t really a mouse, but it rhymed and it’s my blog so I’m going with it. I’ve not been around. At first a friend and I were planning on writing a blog together, and I stopped blogging here to help set that up, and it turns out we’re both equally good at saying “hey we should…” and then never doing it. So while that blog would be awesome, I’m back here. I‘ve missed blogging. I really have. I started blogging before it was a thing, before everyone and their mother had a blog. I started about 8 or 9 years ago, and before that I ran various webpages with a journal. I always take a break, and then quickly remember how much I love doing it. But then there is this feeling of being gone so long how do you come back? How do you dive back in? So I’m going to stop thinking of diving and just jump!
At Blu’s OT the head therapist has a quote on her door by Deepak Chopra about change being proceeded by chaos, and it’s so true. We started OT about a year ago, three days a week, but it was exhausting. There were days when Blu would go to bed and suddenly the effects of OT would swell up and he’d be dizzy just laying in bed. By Friday I’d be crying in bed about how I couldn’t take any more, only to do it all again the next week. But now, nearly a year later, things are so different! Blu still has SPD obviously, because it doesn’t just go away, but he’s so much improved since last year. Our melt downs are far less often, we’ve got a sensory diet going (though it needs some increasing) and things are good.
So good that I’ve dived back into an old hobby. Behold, 8612 Magnolia Lane, a Green Leaf Beacon Hill house.
It’s the exact dollhouse I’ve wanted since I was about 4. And I got it. I rescued it from Craigslist. It’s in various stages of unassembled, assembled, and already falling apart. Before this house I rescued another different house too. It’s going to be our family play house and stay in the living room. 8612 in all for me, my personal Victorian to fill with little treasures. I’m planning to keep two blogs, this one, and a separate one for minis, 8612 Miniatures. This way people who don’t care about my life can just read about my minis.
And since I last wrote I’ve had a birthday! 29! I’m 29 and feeling fine! Nick baked me a cake, lemon like always (it’s my favorite) and then Blu decorated it. Life is good!
So I’m back. I won’t be blogging everyday, but I also won’t be just talking about our struggle with SPD. There will be stuff about books, art, crafts, miniatures, SPD, homeschool, cooking,  my budding craft business, and who knows what else. Because I’m STILL accepting abnormal!