Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shave and a haircut! Two Bits!

A few months ago Blu got his first fairly generous haircut. The results where pretty drastic. It seemed drastic at the time, but haircuts to me always do. Recently when I was showing a pre-haircut picture I said “WOW! that was a LOT of hair!!”

Here is is after his cut, dried, fluffed, and adorable.


Here he is RIGHT after the cut. His curls are so tight when wet it looked like a serious cut.


And here, is all his hairy glory is the most recent pre-haircut picture I could find.

WP_000073 (1)

While I don’t miss the washing, or detangling, Boy do I miss that hair!!!

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  1. He is adorable and he has gorgeous curls! My youngest had refused to get a haircut and his hair was ridiculously long! We were out visiting my sister in law and my brother in law bribed him with was the funniest thing. He's on the verge of being a teenager, so the haircut thing has gotten to be much more of an issue.


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